Beth Phoenix Teases The Possibility Of WWE Evolution II

We are all sat here eagerly awaiting WWE to announce Evolution II. Clearly, we're not the only ones.

Last year, WWE staged its first-ever all-female PPV, Evolution. Not only was the show an unmitigated hit, we would dare to say that it was the best wrestling show of the year. The returning legends delivered, the current stars stepped up, and Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch's Last Woman Standing match was a match of the year contender.

Shortly after Evolution, Stephanie McMahon revealed that it would not be the only show of its kind. However, here we are ten months later, and there is no word on when Evolution II will take place. In fact, we are now considering the possibility that it might not happen at all. One woman who isn't going to stand idly by and let that happen is Beth Phoenix.

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Shortly after SummerSlam, the Hall Of Famer tweeted "Who wants to see Evolution 2?" The comments below the post would strongly suggest that we and Phoenix aren't the only ones who are all in on a sequel. This isn't a comment from a former star with no current connection to the company either. Phoenix is currently an announcer for NXT and still does a lot of work with WWE.

It has to be noted that if Evolution takes place at the same time this year as it did in 2018, it's no surprise that it hasn't been announced yet. WWE only tends to officially announce one PPV at a time, and next on the agenda is Clash Of Champions. Perhaps we will see our first ad for Evolution II during that show which takes place on September 15, 2019.

There's also the very real possibility that we will be getting an all-female edition of SmackDown instead of Evolution II. WWE's next Saudi Arabia show is scheduled to take place on November 1. That's a Friday, which means it will clash with SmackDown which will have switched up its day of the week by then. Since women aren't allowed to perform on the Saudi shows, and the men will all be in the Middle East, it seems like the perfect solution to us.

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