Betting Odds For King Of The Ring Tournament Revealed

For the first time in four years, WWE is bringing back the legendary King of the Ring tournament - where 16 superstars will take part in a single-knockout competition until a winner is decided.

The opening round of the tournament will take place on the next week's episodes of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. The semi-finals will take place on Sept. 9 and 10, and the two finalists will compete at the Clash of Champions pay-per-view in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sept. 15.

WWE hasn't released the matchups and bracket yet, but there are already two leading candidates to win it all. According to Sky Bet (h/t Ringside News), Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens are 9/2 favorites to win the King of the Ring.

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Ricochet and Samoa Joe are tied for second-best odds at 5/1. After them, Elias and The Miz have the next best odds at 13/2., followed by Ali (9/1), Andrade (10/1) and Sami Zayn (12/1). Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable have the fewest odds at 40/1.

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It's no surprise that Owens and McIntyre are listed as the favorites here. The former is in the midst of a giant babyface run on SmackDown Live, while McIntyre has been rumored to be part of a main event push for quite some time as well. It wouldn't be a surprise if these two superstars wound up clashing in the King of the Ring finals at Clash of Champions.

The King of the Ring pay-per-view started out in 1993 and lasted until 2002. Usually, a major championship belt was up for grabs in the final match of the tournament. WWE brought back the event in 2015, with Bad News Barrett defeating Neville in the finals.

What This Means

Betting odds are often an indicator as to who will win a match. If you look back at the SummerSlam odds, you'll see that the vast majority of favorites wound up winning. Owens and McIntyre are both in the midst of big pushes, so we shouldn't be the least bit surprised if one of them stands as King of the Ring when all is said and done.

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