Big Changes Coming To WWE Raw And SmackDown Announce Teams

It appears with the move to Fox, there are big changes to the WWE announce crews for Raw and SmackDown Live. Every show will see some change.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, among the changes, Fox officials are said to be very high on Renee Young. She is currently a voice on Raw and it appears WWE will move her to SmackDown Live on Fridays to appease Fox. This may also mean moving her off of Raw and finding a replacement for her.

The move makes sense as Young is also set to host the weekly WWE studio show on FS1 that Fox has in the works. That show will air on Tuesday nights and Fox would like to make Renee Young a recognizable personality for their network.

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Young won't be the only change.

Other rumors are that Corey Graves will no longer be an announcer for both Raw and SmackDown Live where he currently pulls double duty.

With speculation that WWE is looking at moving Superstars to their own brands and not having them switch shows after October 14th, it appears they may do the same with the announcers. What that means for Michael Cole and Corey Graves is unclear, but it appears they'll stay on Raw. That would leave Young, Tom Phillips and Bryon Saxton on SmackDown Live.

This Is Good For Renee Young

While moving off of Raw might be seen as a demotion for some, this is probably a good thing for Young. SmackDown will not be seen as a "B show" for long after it moves to Fox and with her own show that will be something like UFC Tonight, this a ton of exposure for a personality who has long been asking for more things to do in WWE.

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