Big E & Becky Lynch Engage In Weird Twitter Convo After New Day Star Makes Pass At Her Mom

If you aren't prepared to be weirded out, then don't go any further. If you are, then great, because this is so, so juicy.

Apparently, Big E has the hots for Becky Lynch's mother... and The Man has basically given her stamp of approval.

E, who is currently nursing an injury, has been quite active on social media while he recovers. And, after coming across a photo of Mama Lynch on Twitter, he immediately fell in love.

It all started with Becky responding to comments from Lacey Evans, but E simply took over, professing his affection for his colleague's mother while sparing no punches.

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Seemed like a pretty standard day for The Man.

But then...

Becky could have probably killed this off, but she picked it up and just ran with it.

That was all the New Day star needed...

To those of you who thought the splits were useless...

Couldn't get more bizarre, right?


Then this bit of genius from a potential future Beck E.

What This Means

Mostly that Big E is quite the randy fella and that Becky has a way with words that simply can't be matched right now.

TheSportster's seriously considering starting up a petition for an on-screen angle here. Imagine this: A love triangle involving Big E, Becky Lynch's mom... and The Miz's dad.

What say you?

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