Big Show’s Newest Stat Is A First For His Career

Well over two decades into his career and Big Show is still breaking records, although this latest one isn't exactly the most desirable.

When a professional wrestler starts out on their journey, there is really no telling what pinnacles they might reach or how long they'll be in the business for. Injuries could cut your in-ring time relatively short, or you could have the longevity of someone like The Undertaker and literally wrestle for decades.

Not many competitors in the business are afforded careers which span as long as that, but Big Show is one of them. That's pretty amazing for a couple of reasons. The main one being that Show himself would tell you that he didn't really expect to be alive by this point in his life, let alone still wrestling. The former World Champion has admitted in interviews that because he didn't know anyone his size over the age of 50, he was adamant that he wouldn't make it to that point either.


To some fans, it may feel as if Show has actually quit wrestling, but that is not the case. The last time we saw The World's Largest Athlete was in a main event cage match on Raw versus Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men slammed Show through the cage, bringing an end to the match. Since then he has been working through injuries, but he has not yet wrestled his last match.

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The date of that cage match with Strowman is actually a significant one, especially right now. It took place on the September 4, 2017, edition of Raw, so over one year ago. Reddit users have brought it to wrestling fans' attention that yesterday was the one year anniversary of Show's last match, and also that it means the WWE Superstar has gone an entire year without competing in a match for the first time in his career.

There is even a handy graph that spans Show's entire career, which you can check out above, laying out how many matches he had each year across his 24-year career and it is even broken down into wins and losses. The most surprising stat is that Show's busiest year came in 2012, so well into his wrestling life, and is the only 365 day period where he competed in more than 200 matches. Since then his numbers have naturally declined, and he hasn't broken the 100 mark since 2015.


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