Big-Time Tag Team Debuts At AEW All Out During AAA Tag Match

After what can only be described as a match of the year, one of the biggest free-agent teams in wrestling made their debut in AEW and took out The Young Bucks.

The Lucha Bros and The Young Bucks battled for the AAA Tag Team Titles in a match that included everything but the kitchen sink. Using ladders, tables, chairs and their incredibly wicked gifts of agility, this was easily the match everyone expected it would be. The positives of what everyone watched only got better when former Impact Wrestling Tag Champions, LAX came down to the ring.

Dressed as former Presidents, Santana and Ortiz targeted Nick and Matt Jackson, took them out (not that the Bucks could have defended themselves after such an insane match) and revealed their faces to the AEW fanbase.

Not referred to as LAX, it seems like the tag team will wrestle for AEW under a new name, but that may not be the case as Impact Wrestling has been pretty good about letting exiting personalities keep their names and gimmicks. But, one thing seems clear; the tag team has chosen AEW over WWE.

There were rumors LAX could be headed to WWE and there was certainly speculated interest on the part of both AEW and WWE. It was simply a matter of which promotion the duo chose. AEW won out and, as a result, AEW may have the strongest tag division in wrestling.

What This Means

AEW needed to excel in one area and the tag division might have been the area most obvious for wrestling fans. With teams like the Lucha Bros, The Young Bucks, LAX, The Dark Order, and others, AEW is arguably on the same level, if not higher than WWE in this regard.

The tag tournament certainly got a lot more interesting and Santana and Ortiz may be the early favorites now.

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