Biggest Rumors Heading Into WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs 2018

What's the latest word heading into WWE TLC on Sunday? There are a handful of rumors heading into the company's last big show of 2018.

Will an NXT talent make his anticipated debut? Will a number of WWE titles change hands? Are some of the matches being canceled and will there be some shocking twists few fans saw coming?

Here are the biggets rumors heading into WWE's presentation of TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs this Sunday.

Three Title Changes

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Since WWE just held a major event with no significant title changes, WWE has put six matches on the card where titles will be on the line.

Which titles will change are uncertain but the odds are Dean Ambrose will win the Intercontinental Championship, one of the women's belts will switch hands and perhaps the Cruiserweight Title or SmackDown Tag Championships going to the Usos.

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Balor vs McIntyre Cancelled

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There is word that a number of the WWE locker room have gotten sick. Mandy Rose was one and that's why her match was canceled. But, Rose isn't the only one. Alexa Bliss is rumored to be sick as is Balor who was speculated to removed from WWE's recent tour and not on television.

The illness is so bad that it sounds like Balor needs to be cleared by a medic for physical contact and until that happens, he'll be kept out of the ring or any situation where he has to interact with another WWE Superstar. If the match isn't canceled, a replacement could be found. McIntyre was likely to go over with the win regardless.

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WWE To Push R-Truth and Carmella

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Despite being two mid-card to under-card talents, Truth and Carmella are extremely popular thanks to their Truth TV segments and WWE is planning on rewarding them as a result. That means the pair will win the Mixed Match Challenge on Sunday and get some real television time on the SmackDown brand heading into the Royal Rumble.

With the win, each will get the No. 30 spot in the yearly battle royal, although neither would be a favorite to win.

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Lars Sullivan May Debut

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Lars Sullivan is being pushed as the biggest "free agent" to be available to either Raw or SmackDown Live in some time. The last time WWE really had this kind of situation was when Scott Steiner debuted. He came out on a big pay-per-view and destroyed Matt Hardy and Christopher Nowinski. Steiner then went back and forth on the two shows before choosing.

Sullivan may get the same type of entrance, come out and annihilate a couple competitors  or interfere on behalf of Baron Corbin, thus cementing himself as a huge deal before he ever signs with one of the shows.

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Asuka To Win Title

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Asuka has been getting the shaft on WWE programming. As a result, few expect her to come away with the win on Sunday. But, when Vince heard the ovation Asuka received when it was up to Becky Lynch to pick her replacement to face Rousey, he decided he may have been premature in writing her off.

WWE does like to have at least one or two matches showcase a winner that few are expecting and Asuka winning the title would qualify. Lynch certainly doesn't need the belt to be the most popular woman on either brand and Charlotte has had her runs with the belt. Flair could always go on to win the Royal Rumble and get right back into the main event scene in time for WrestleMania 35.

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Baron Corbin To Defeat Braun Strowman

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This match doesn't have many people interested. It seems Strowman would be the easy winner. But, in another shocker, WWE could choose Corbin and try to place as much heat on Corbin as possible by having him defeat the favorite and become the permanent Raw General Manager, which of course everyone will hate.

The only reason this might not happen is that Raw ratings have been so poor as of late and that could be attributed to how much Corbin has been on television running the show.

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