Biggest Rumors In The NHL This Week - November 24, 2018

For the week of November 24, 2018, there's plenty of buzz in the NHL. From coaches being fired to players being traded, there's always some action.

What's happening with the Buffalo Sabres and Jeff Skinner? He's on fire when you take a look at production but the better he plays, the more the trade rumors pop up. Is there a Western Canadian team really interested in the top goaltending free agent on the market?  Was the new coach of the Edmonton Oilers savvy enough to work a guarantee into his contract? Finally, how far will St. Louis go to get things back on the right track?

Here are your biggest rumors in the NHL for November 24, 2018.

Skinner’s Good Play May Up The Chances of a Trade

via The Buffalo News

Why would any team consider trading their best offensive weapon? Fair question but the Buffalo Sabres are and as Jeff Skinner's production goes up, the rumors that he'll be traded at the deadline seem to go up too.

Darren Dreger was on TSN 1050 and said that between the $8.5 – $9 million per season Skinner is asking for on a new long-term contract and the fact he's playing like this is a contract year, the Sabres aren't convinced he'll duplicate this production over the long haul and may have a hard time turning down the kings ransom they'll fetch if they trade him at the deadline.

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Canucks Chasing Sergei Bobrovsky?

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JD Burke of The Athletic (subscription required) writes that it shouldn't surprise anyone if the Vancouver Canucks are in on Sergei Bobrovsky considering the laundry list of big-name players the club has gone after under Jim Benning's watch before. Burke writes, "Players like P.K. Subban, Steven Stamkos, John Tavares, Loui Eriksson, Milan Lucic (twice), Jay Beagle, the first overall pick and on and on."

There are certainly some questions in goal and enough of the Vancouver media seem to be discussing a connection between Bobrovsky and Vancouver, so there might be something to this story.

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Ken Hitchcock Worked in a Guarantee?

via sportsnet

Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet wrote during his 31 Thoughts segment that there is speculation new head coach of the Edmonton Oilers, Ken Hitchcock may have worked a guarantee into his new contract that could see him get a longer stay in Edmonton if he's successful.  The official word from the Oilers organization Hitchcock's hire is a one-season deal and it will be re-evaluated when the Oilers do or don't make the playoffs but rumors are that if the Oilers get into the postseason, a contract extension has been worked in as a guarantee.

The only fans who might be upset by this are fans who wanted former Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville, as this would likely mean Quenneville going to another team but Hitch would deserve another shot if he got the Oilers into the playoffs. There is also talk Hitchcock is having some influence on the roster as speculation is he might have pitched for GM Peter Chiarelli to acquire another puck-mover on defense which is why the Oilers went and acquired Chris Wideman from the Ottawa Senators three days after Hitchcock was hired.

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Blues Ready to Split the Core?

via sportsnet

Elliotte Friedman was on the NHL Network talking about the St. Louis Blues and suggested the St. Louis Blues have a step-by-step plan to right the ship. First, interim coach Craig Berube will take a long look internally to see what they have in house with some of their younger talent. Second, management will begin a search for a new head coach. Finally, Friedman believes they may look at shaking up their core.

Friedman said he thinks the Blues will consider trading Vladimir Tarasenko. "There have been rumors before that the Blues have not always been happy with him since he signed the big contract."

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