Biggest Rumors In WWE This Week - December 15, 2018

With TLC right around the corner, rumors surround WWE. Will or won't Strowman return on Sunday, will titles change hands? Who might debut?

There is news on AJ Styles and his new deal with the company, a number of WWE Superstars are ill and may not make it to the event on Sunday, Lynch is getting a big push from the company and WWE has a "big idea" set for January that should turn ratings around for the company.

Here are the biggest rumors in WWE this week, December 15, 2018.

Strowman Returning

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Despite uncertainty as to the severity of his injury, it appears Braun Strowman will be at TLC this Sunday and will face off against acting Raw general manager Baron Corbin. How much he will wrestle or whether or not there is an "official" match is unknown. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, Braun Strowman is scheduled but there are also rumors he may lose the match by some sort of interference that would allow Corbin to become permanent manager.

One of the potential plans might be to have Lars Sullivan make his debut and cause Strowman the match.

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A Big Idea Coming To WWE

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Per Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez mentioned there is a belief within WWE that they are going to turn things around in January despite the extremely low numbers for Raw these past few weeks. Part of that may be the road to WrestleMania that includes the Royal Rumble but there's also word of a  "big idea."

What that big idea remains unclear. It could be something as simple as a roster shakeup or a draft but the company may also try something totally different in an effort to get some viewers back.

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Going Full "The Man"

Wrestlers On Vince McMahon’s Christmas List This Year

WWE is currently filming a documentary on Becky Lynch for the Network, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and there is speculation the company is putting their full efforts behind her push and making her a massive star.

Lynch has been nothing short of spectacular over the past few months and WWE has recognized how popular she is among the WWE Universe. The idea is to capitalize on that as much as possible and fans will be seeing a lot of Lynch over the next little while.

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Illness Spreading Throughout the Locker Room

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It appears at least three WWE Superstars have been hit by the same illness/bug and it could affect their appearances at TLC. Mandy Rose was already taken out of a match with Naomi because she was sick, Alexa Bliss is scheduled to miss some time and there are questions about whether or not Finn Balor's match with Drew McIntyre will go ahead as planned.

Balor has not been cleared for any sort of physical contact and that could keep him away from Sunday's event.

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Matt Hardy To Return Sooner Than Expected

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There was speculation that the "retirement" of Matt Hardy was premature in that he still might come back to WWE in an on-camera role. He recently told Wrestling Inc that his rehab went better than expected. The latest word is that he could return as a television character again.

If so, it is not expected that he will team with Bray Wyatt even though Wyatt doesn't have an active role on WWE programming these days.

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Future of Styles and Good Brothers

Wrestlers On Vince McMahon’s Christmas List This Year

As per PW Insider, AJ Styles’ deal with WWE expires in April 2019 but it is believed he is currently negotiating a new deal and it is expected he will re-sign with the company sooner than later. Unfortunately, this running buddies Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson might not be so lucky.

Anderson and Gallows really haven't been used much on WWE programming since they arrived in WWE from New Japan and NJPW is apparently interested in their return come September 2019, when their WWE deals expire.

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