Biggest Rumors In WWE This Week: Vince Changes Everything

What's happening in the rumor mill for the WWE after the first week of December came to a close? One week from TLC, there's lots to talk about.

Is Alexa Bliss going to be anywhere near the ring for TLC? Not if recent reports are true. Will Becky Lynch actually be cleared to wrestle her match despite rumors she might not be ready? With Raw being so poorly received, is it true Vince re-wrote the entire show just minutes before it went live to the WWE Universe and television audience? Finally, is WWE planning another female-only WWE event with a traditional favorite?

Here are the biggest rumors in the WWE for December 8, 2018.

Alexa Bliss Out Until Royal Rumble

WWE female superstar and apparent leader of the Women's Division on Raw, Alexa Bliss won't return to in-ring competition until the Royal Rumble, even though she might have been cleared before then to return. According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, this news is not confirmed but believed to be the case, both to play things safe and keep Bliss in her role as an authority figure on WWE programming.

Hall of Famer Mark Henry has stated that while he talked to her about how serious her injury was at the time, Bliss has already been given the green light to return.  Other reports are suggesting that statement is premature. For now, Bliss has been training in a special ring at the WWE Performance Center where medical staff can pay close attention to her.

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Lynch Says She's Cleared

Despite speculation that Becky Lynch might not actually be cleared to wrestle on December 16th at TLC, she's vehemently denied those rumors by saying, "Let me say this as clearly as I can: nothing will keep me from fighting on Dec 16th," Lynch wrote in a tweet on Friday.

It stands to reason that Lynch wouldn't be posting this if she didn't already get clearance that she was good to go. She is set to face both Charlotte Flair and Asuka in a Triple Threat Match.

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Vince Re-Wrote Raw Hours Before It Went Live

via Fox Business

Because of both the terrible show that took place the week before and the death of George W. Bush, apparently, Vince McMahon reportedly arrived to the broadcast of Raw at 3 pm CT this past Monday and proceeded to rewrite the entire show.

Part of the reason appears to be the criticism the previous Raw received but another part appears to be because Vince felt the audience needed a more uplifting show considering the death of the former United States President. For that reason, the babyfaces won over a lot more this past Monday. Unfortunately, his re-writes didn't remove the awful Open Forum segment that was a disaster two weeks in a row.

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Queen Of The Ring Tournament?

via WrestlingWorld

WWE is apparently toying with the idea of having a Queen of the Ring show to match its male pay-per-view counterpart King of the Ring. This would give WWE two all-female PPVs in 2019 if they went ahead with the idea.

"An idea being talked about for 2019 would be a Queen of the Ring tournament with the main roster women," reported The Observer this week. To date, WWE has made no mention of such an event. They haven't even announced the rumored Women's WWE Tag Titles, meaning people might be getting ahead of themselves.

Still, a show like this makes sense considering there could be a character that comes out of the tournament and it's the type of pay-per-view that could do well with an exclusively female contingent.  Chances are, it would be a mixed pay-per-view event.

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