The Bludgeon Brothers Call Out The San Jose Sharks

The Bludgeon Brothers, consisting of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are two of the toughest and roughest bruisers in WWE today. And after they decimated most of the competition on Smackdown Live, it would be very wise for anyone not to get on their bad sides. The two are most distinguishable due to their beautiful beards, but Harper in particular has now decided to take a shot at Brent Burns and Joe Thornton, two bearded men from the San Jose Sharks.

It’s unclear what the backstory is here, whether it’s just fun between the four big, bearded lads, or if it’s a work (the initial article was covered on wwe.com, so the WWE isn’t shying away from the story), but Harper sounded very ominous in his tweet to the two men. Harper’s twitter is usually bat-sh*t crazy, so this is a direct detour from that usual posting, but it seems he’s trying to set up some sort of confrontation between the men.

His tweet reads “Lucky that RAW is headed to San Jose next week and not the BLUDGEON brand. Rowan told me he doesn’t like the look of these two. San Jose Sharks, tell these boys to keep their heads up.”


The two may be tough as nails on the rink, but going up against two demolition machines like Harper and Rowan on Smackdown Live definitely wouldn’t work well for these two. We don’t know if this is leading anywhere, but hey, it’s a story involving the Bludgeon Brothers, so it’s always worth covering.

So what do you guys think? Is this just Harper having fun? Is there a backstory here? Could it be a work to bring the two into WWE? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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