Bobby Lashley Has Turned His Attention From Brock Lesnar To Goldberg (For Now)

Bobby Lashley has taken a break from his regularly scheduled lobbying for a match with Brock Lesnar and turned his attention to Goldberg.

WWE has officially announced that it will be returning to Saudi Arabia for a third time on June 7. Along with full-time Superstars such as Roman Reigns and Kofi Kingston, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, and Goldberg will also be making the trip. Who the returning stars will face has not yet been revealed by WWE.

Naturally, quite a few names on the roster will want matches with the part-time performers. The fact that they get paid big money to wrestle for one night only might be incredibly frustrating for everyone else, but a spot opposite them means a prominent place on the card. Some Superstars have already begun to lobby for those spots.


Bobby Lashley is one of those Superstars. After learning that Goldberg would be returning for the Saudi show, the former Intercontinental Champion took to Twitter. He wrote "So I hear Goldberg is coming back..." Not a challenge per se, but he has already caught the attention of the WCW icon. Goldberg quoted the tweet and replied with a simple fist bump emoji. We're guessing that means he likes the idea.

Ever since Lashley returned to WWE last year, he has been lobbying for a match against Lesnar. That match has still not happened and with The Beast's days as a wrestler possibly being numbered, Lashley might well have missed his window. However, if he is going to get a match with either Lesnar or Goldberg, the most likely setting for it would be on one of WWE's Saudi shows.

As big a spectacle as the June 7 show will be, chances are it will not have a dramatic effect on WWE's ongoing angles. However, we could see the card begin to take shape as soon as this week on Raw and SmackDown Live. Going by interviews with Lashley in recent months, he is becoming extremely frustrated with the lack of Lesnar in his life. Being snubbed for the spot opposite Goldberg is only going to make him angrier.


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