Booker T Compares Becky Lynch's Rise To The Rock's

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has said that Becky Lynch's rise in the company is similar to The Rock's.

Having stepped away from full-time wrestling years ago, The Rock still has millions of fans worldwide who aren't just fond of him because of his movies. The Samoan was once the face of WWE and is certainly one of the biggest stars to ever step into a ring. His status within the company is unlikely to ever be reached again.

But Booker, who was on duty at Sunday's Stomping Grounds PPV, likened Lynch to The Rock during the show, explaining that everyone in the locker room got together to give the Hollywood star that push once they realized how good he was. He reckons the same is happening for Lynch now.

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“One thing about this business and you know it, you gotta go out and you gotta perform at the top level and the guys in the back, just like like you said earlier that came out and supported you, they support you for a reason because they know how good you are or how good you can be," he said (h/t WrestleZone's Dominic DeAngelo).

"We talk about it all the time like back in the day with The Rock. Everybody knew how good The Rock was. All the boys in the locker room knew how good he was, so it was our job to push him even further: ‘Let’s see how far he can go,’ and that’s what she is.”

“I think that’s what Becky is right now. Is she’s just at that point where she knows how she good she is and everybody in the locker room knows how good she is and they want to see the best for her and I think she’s just in a good place.”

Dana Brooke, who was also part of the analysis panel, added: “It’s not just in the ring, but she carries it outside of the ring. She’s a locker room leader, she always has a smile on her face, she has a good attitude, she’s always doing interviews and charity at work.”

Lynch is now of the biggest names in wrestling right now and she's one of WWE's brightest stars. She's rumored to be the one who will grace WWE 2K20's cover, something which would stamp the company's approval on her name as a brand.

Of course, there are many fans out there who believe that she's overrated. But who knows? Maybe she will manage to win you guys over one day.

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