Booker T Calls Eric Bischoff Job With WWE A Last-Chance Opportunity

WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T says, Eric Bischoff is never going to get another opportunity like the one he's being given with WWE right now. It would serve him well to make the most of it, and he probably will.

WWE hired both Paul Heyman and Bischoff to run Raw and SmackDown Live respectively. They are, what some might call, a last-ditch effort by WWE to stop the momentum being built by AEW, who as Booker T says, is  "on the rise" and as a result, "WWE is making changes."

Booker explained on a recent episode of his podcast, The Hall of Fame With Booker T and Brad Gilmore, "With Paul Heyman placed in charge of Monday Night Raw and Bischoff has been placed in charge of Tuesday night SmackDown... This is just going to the blueprint of what wrestling was, and that's giving the fans some great wrestling."

Booker knows Heyman and Bischoff well and offered some insight and advice. Saying both Heyman and Bischoff have to do well, it makes sense that Eric Bischoff is moving his family to Connecticut. He called it Bischoff being fully invested in this new opportunity and ready to throw himself into the work.

"One thing Eric Bischoff knows is, time is running out," Booker said. "He is never going to get another chance like this ever in a lifetime."

Booker claimed Bischoff was lucky being given the job he was given in WCW and was lucky again here to get another crack at running SmackDown Live. Booker called this one of the most interesting times to be a wrestling fan and that the WWE Universe should expect to finally get a lot more of what they want.

What This Means

Booker T seems confident WWE is going to turn this around and steer the momentum back in their favor and with guys like Bischoff running things and feeling like they have to do well, there's no way they'll go down without a fight and that the "war could be over before it even starts."

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