Booker T Invites Corey Graves To His Radio Show

It's a feud that has taken over the news stream in WWE but no one seems too sure if the battle between WWE announcer Corey Graves and former announcer Booker T is legitimate or just a very well laid out plan to increase ratings for Booker T's podcast and radio show.

It started when Booker T was replaced by Coach at the Raw announce table. After his demotion, it appeared Booker T was none-too-pleased and let it be known on his own podcast that he held Graves personally responsible for his removal. He added that if he ever saw Graves outside of work it wouldn't end well for the former NXT talent turned announcer.

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The beef didn't necessarily make sense since most believed Booker was the cause of his own departure. But there was potential for there to be friction as many of the recent episodes of Raw before Booker's exit included Graves and Michael Cole often having a good laugh at Booker's expense. Concern immediately began to surface that Booker T could get in real trouble with WWE as public threats aren't tolerated and speculation was Booker T might lose his job.

Not one to let the feud fade away on its own, Graves responded to Booker T's threats by posting a tweet on his Twitter account dismissing Booker's beef and it appeared fellow announcers were taking potshots live on air at Booker T after his removal. Even wrestlers like New Day got in on the action and subtly called out the former announcer, apparently taking the side of Graves.

At this point, fans truly believed there was a nasty situation brewing and in an attempt to perhaps squash the rumors and save his career, Booker T has reached out to Graves and invited him to be a guest on his radio show. The why is still unclear. Is Booker going to tell Graves what he really thinks of him? Or, has Booker T decided that one way to get himself out of hot water is apologize?

Graves responded to Booker's invitation by telling the former five-time champion he knew his number and where to find him. He would gladly appear if called.

If this is all a work, fans who tune in are about to find out. If there is a legitimate squabble, it could get ugly as Booker T is clearly upset that Graves has taken to making fun of him and it eventually cost him his job.

What do you believe? Is this real? Is this a work between two friends?

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