Booker T On How Sasha Banks Should Be Handling Her Situation In WWE

Sasha Banks has been out of WWE for four weeks now due to creative frustration, which stemmed from her and Bayley having to lose the Women's Tag Team Championships to The IIconics at WrestleMania 35.

Banks and Bayley were informed of the booking decision at the last minute, and it left them in utter disappointment. Mike Johnson of PW Insider Elite audio reported that Banks' believed her and Bayley needed "a longer run with the belts in order to make them look more important."

The Legit Boss has since gone on hiatus and has been absent from television over the last four weeks. Banks canceled an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show and has posted a handful of cryptic messages on social media.

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WWE Hall of Famer Booker T took to his podcast (h/t WrestlingInc.com), and shared his thoughts on the Banks situation. Booker T explained why he thinks Banks made the wrong decision, and what she should have done instead:

"I don't write the script and that is one of the reasons why I am here today: I never really cared about what the script was...If I had disagreed with it, I would have said, hey, I don't agree with this.

Let's change this because I am not doing it this way, then they would change it, and that is the way business has always been done with me. I can't say that with everybody, but with me that was how it was done.

I never looked at pro wrestling any other way than being entertainment. I never looked at it like it was anything but storyline...I never looked at it any other way than everyone getting their turn, but I must say that Sasha Banks has had a lot of success. How many women get in the business that never win?"

Booker T later offered praise for Banks and said she's experienced more "more life-changing moments" compared to "so many" in the wrestling business. That's why Booker T emphasized that he doesn't "understand it."

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On the other hand, it's not hard to understand why Banks is frustrated in WWE. She was pushed as one of the main event stars for a while - enduring four Raw Women's Championship reigns. But Banks had been stuck on the mid-card for a while, and after her and Bayley lost the titles, it became clear that WWE wasn't going to push The Legit Boss again for a while.

But Banks is going to have a difficult time getting out of WWE, if that's what her desire is. It's been reported that the company could "freeze" Banks' contract while she continues to sit out. If that's the case, she'll be forced to roll with the punches and do what the creative team says.

What This Means

Booker T certainly provides some strong advise for Banks here: If she is unhappy, she just needs to say what she doesn't like and see if WWE will change it. Obviously, that's easier said and done. But if Banks forced to stick around in the company, then she has no other choice but to try and reason with the creative team to give her the direction she prefers.

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