Boston Bruins Swinging For Trade Fences In Attempt To Snag Top-Six Forward

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, reports suggest the Boston Bruins are one of the bigger players in the hunt to find a top-six forward in a trade.

Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe reports the Boston Bruins are looking seriously at Wayne Simmonds but the asking price is creating somewhat of a problem for the Bruins who are hesitant to let go of the first-round pick and prospects the Philadelphia Flyers are apparently asking for in return.

Dupont suggests Simmonds is a perfect complement on the second line for David Krejci and Jake DeBrusk but because Simmonds is a pending free, it's a hefty asking price.

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Dupont says:

The Bruins are desperate to find Krejci an upgrade at wing, be it left or right, and Simmonds is a 6-foot-2-inch righthanded shot who is comfortable on both sides. Given his straight-ahead style, he likely would line up on the right side (as Rick Nashdid a year ago) and DeBrusk on the left side.

Another reporter out of Boston, Joe Haggerty, suggests that if Simmonds becomes less of an option because the asking price doesn't go down, the Bruins will turn their attention to either Brayden Schenn or Vladimir Tarasenko out of St. Louis. Haggerty says St. Louis’s scouting staff was spotted at a recent Boston-Montreal game which fueled speculation some sort of deal might be in the works.

What This Means

Considering all three names are big targets available on the trade market and all three names require a hefty return from whatever team acquires them, this is a strong indication the Bruins intend to be big players before Feb 25. and are looking to make a splash.

If the Bruins can add that forward piece they'll be looking for, they'll have one of the deadliest top two line combinations in the NHL heading into the postseason.

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