Brandi Rhodes Addresses Fan Controversy Over Her Push In AEW

Brandi Rhodes is a polarizing figure in AEW. Popular because she's part of the group that brought fans AEW, she's also taking heat for getting a push.

Brandi is the company's Chief Brand Officer. With that title comes some pretty big responsibility. But, as she wears two hats, she's also trying to play the part of a believable in-ring competitor. A lot of fans aren't buying it.

There is some who believe the Women's Division in AEW is the weakest part of their brand. With few names that stand out as potential stars, Brandi Rhodes is one of the few recognizable faces. That doesn't necessarily mean she's on par with other female wrestlers in terms of in-ring ability. In fact, one can make an argument she's among the less experienced talents in the division. Still, she's often front-and-center on pay-per-views and she'll certainly be a big part of the new show on TNT.

But, Rhodes says not to mistake her role in AEW as one that puts her in the AEW Women's Title picture.

She took to Twitter to explain that she's not in the AEW Women's World Championship picture even though people seem to suggest she is. Rhodes tweeted, "People keep saying I'm in the title picture...although I flew over the top rope at rocket speed midway through the qualifying Battle Royale." In a company where wins and losses matter, she's wondering how people are getting things confused. She added, "Are we in some alternate universe where that means I get a title shot? That'd be awesome, and I would need new gear so...lemme know."

Don't Expect Rhodes To Be A Titleholder

One day, Rhodes might win the AEW Women's Championship. That won't come anytime soon. As was evidenced by her showing in the 21-woman Battle Royale during the "Buy In" preshow at AEW All Out, she's not being pushed as a contender.

Instead, expect Rhodes to wrestle every once and a while, just not as part of the select group of talents who could or should hold a championship.

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