Brandi Rhodes Got A Huge Assist From A Former WWE Superstar At Fight For The Fallen

Brandi Rhodes was victorious in her in-ring debut for AEW this weekend. However, she would not have got it done had it not been for Awesome Kong.

Brandi Rhodes has been ever-present in AEW since its debut show, Double Or Nothing. She is the promotion's Chief Brand Officer after all, so it makes sense. However, Rhodes had not yet competed in the ring for AEW. At least not until this weekend's Fight for the Fallen. On Saturday night, she finally made her debut.

That first match came against Allie. Just two weeks prior, Allie picked up a win in her first ever AEW match opposite Leva Bates during the Fyter Fest buy-in. That naturally meant Bates came into Fight for the Fallen with a fair bit of confidence. That definitely showed in between the ropes, despite who was lurking on the outside.

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For the second time in just three events, Rhodes called upon the incredibly intimidating Awesome Kong. Not to compete in a match this time, but to help her win one. Kong got involved in proceedings on multiple occasions, even distracting the referee at a point when Rhodes was tapping to a Bates submission in the ring. Shortly after that, AEW's Chief Brand Officer turned the tables and managed to pick up the win.

It soon became clear that the tears Rhodes shed during the vignette prior to the match were simply for show. After her win, she and Kong continued to beat down the defeated Allie. That's when someone came to the rescue. Aja Kong. Equally as intimidating as her Awesome counterpart, and her slow walk to the ring was enough to send the two attackers running for the hills.

Two matches into Fight for the Fallen, at the time of typing this, and the table is already being well and truly set for All Out. First the tension between Shawn Spears and MJF, and now the altercation at the end of this match. Perhaps we will see a match involving all four of these women at All Out. Or, even better, a one on one meeting of the monsters between Awesome Kong and Aja Kong.

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