Brandi Rhodes Discusses Her Involvement In The Designing Of The AEW Women's Title

AEW Chief Branding Officer Brandi Rhodes has revealed that she had a hand in designing the AEW women's title, which will be unveiled at All Out.

Brandi had an active role in the Double or Nothing match between her husband Cody Rhodes and his older brother Dustin, before getting ordered off by referee Earl Hebner and subsequently carried away by Diamond Dallas Page.

That's been all of her involvement in brawling so far but we do expect to see a lot more.

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As for the women's championship, she says it will be unlike any belt ever seen before.

“So we’re really, really excited that we got to announce that at All Out we will be unveiling the [women’s] championship," she said on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio (h/t 411Mania). "Getting a little too far ahead to say we’ll be having a champion but the championship itself will definitely be there.

"I’ve had a hand in working on the design of the championship and it is unique. It has something about it that has never been done before, that’s all I can say about it.

"What’s surprising to me when I was working with Rico, who is designing it, is I said, ‘Hey, what if we do this?’ And he says, ‘You know what? We’ve never done that before!’ Which is a really good thing. Because that’s going to make your thing unique. I’m looking forward to showing that off to everyone, and hopefully, everyone is as excited about it as we all are.

"But yes the girls are extremely excited. You enter into this and you know that there’s going to be a championship and you know there’s going to be a goal to try to obtain and actually hear the words and see it. It’s real. So the girls are really excited.”

The women's matches at Double or Nothing were quite remarkable and should have been just a glimpse of AEW's women's division has to offer. Not gonna lie, Brandi's got us pretty intrigued here - we need to see what's so special about that belt already.

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