Brandi Rhodes Reveals AEW's Women's Wrestlers Will Receive Equal Pay To Male Performers

After introducing Britt Baker, All Elite Wrestling's first female signing, Brandi Rhodes announced that its women wrestlers will earn the same pay as its male superstars.

It's been a long time coming for the wrestling industry, and AEW's historic announcement should lead to plenty of positive reactions and exposure. It's a special time for female wrestlers around the world.

Baker worked briefly with the WWE in 2016 and '18, but she left the promotion after suffering a shoulder injury. The girlfriend of NXT superstar Adam Cole will play a huge role in helping AEW gain serious momentum, having already made history in helping female talents earn equal pay.

AEW was founded by Shahid and Tony Khan - who own the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C. - back in November. Cody Rhodes, along with The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), serve as the company's vice presidents. Brandi Rhodes operates as the brief brand officer.


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Following the historic announcement about women earning equal pay, AEW also announced that they've signed Neville. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion left the WWE in Oct. 2017 following a contract dispute and never returned. Last August, it was reported that he was no longer signed under WWE, allowing Neville to explore other options.

Cody and Brandi have found plenty of success since leaving the WWE in 2016. After excellent showings for the New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor promotions, Cody revealed he was done working with The Bullet Club. He and Brandi are now set up nicely to be part of another major rival promoter to the WWE.

What This Means

It's in the early stages, but All Elite Wrestling has already earned serious momentum, and they could truly compete against the WWE for popularity and wrestling supremacy. With devoted owners, accomplished wrestlers in charge and this historic announcement, all is looking up for AEW two months into its inception.


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