Braun Strowman Announces Four-Year Contract Extension With WWE

Braun Strowman took to Instagram to share the news he's signed a four-year contract extension with the WWE.

Strowman announced Wednesday, using the account under his real name, Adam Scherr, that he was sticking put with WWE for another four years when he said, "Well, I'm sure more than a few of you will like this announcement! Here's to four more years being the hardest-working and best big man in the whole damn industry, and working for the greatest promotion in the world, the WWE."

So, not only did Strowman share his news, he complimented his employer like a smart company man would and probably should do after likely getting a big raise and new deal not to go anywhere.

Some fans might be a bit surprised to see Strowman so quickly sign an extension. While one of the most popular big men in wrestling and a huge star, he's yet to hold the WWE Championship or Universal Title despite a widespread belief that he's earned that right at least once. Instead, he's often been overlooked and stars like Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have been given the ball to run with.

But, if rumors are true, things might be changing for Strowman. Coming off an impressive feud with Bobby Lashley, there is speculation Paul Heyman is taking a keen interest in promoting the monstrous side of Strowman's character and he's in line for a large push. The timing couldn't be better for Strowman in that regard. So too, with AEW an option for a number of talent whose contracts are coming to an end, Strowman likely didn't even need to negotiate top dollar to stick around.

What This Means

Fans won't have to worry about Strowman being one of the stars who look at options outside WWE. Instead, he's renewing at just the right time to be handsomely rewarded and one has to assume a title run is probably in his future as a thank you.

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