Braun Strowman Will Have A Major Role At Money in the Bank [Rumor]

Braun Strowman won't get the chance to repeat as the men's Money in the Bank winner, but don't expect him to go silent at this Sunday's pay-per-view.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Ringside News), the Monster Among Men is "expected to get involved and play a part in the winner." The Observer notes that if this ends up being the case, that would "best be served for Ricochet."

Strowman faced Sami Zayn on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in a losing effort - due to interference from Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre. Per the match stipulation, Zayn took Strowman's spot in the MITB ladder match for this Sunday - thus foiling Strowman's opportunity to defend his crown.

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Dave Meltzer recently suggested that Strowman could also be working injured, noting the band he has on his arm. Meltzer theorizes that Strowman could be dealing with a biceps or triceps injury.

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That said, Meltzer said Strowman was pulled from the ladder match because it's all "part of a longer storyline," not because he may be injured. At any rate, Strowman looks poised to play a key role at the event on Sunday, and one would think that he'd find a way to screw over Corbin, Zayn and/or McIntyre after losing to Zayn.

There have also been reports that Strowman is part of some backstage "heat," and that Vince McMahon views the big man as a "walking mascot" at this point. Strowman was being pushed as a main eventer last year, but his MITB cash-in went to waste when Brock Lesnar attacked both he and Roman Reigns in their Universal Championship match at Hell in a Cell. But perhaps Sunday will mark the starting point in another big push for Strowman down the road.

What This Means

If Strowman does end up interfering, it's a good bet that none of McIntyre, Zayn or Corbin will win the match. It would make sense for him to get his revenge after the three teamed together to cost him his spot in the MITB match. And as Meltzer noted, this was part of a plan for a long-term storyline.

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