Braun Strowman Has To Pick A Tag Partner For WrestleMania

As one of the final shows before WrestleMania, the March 19th episode of Monday Night Raw held several moments that will help determine what goes down at the big event. Everybody who is going to be involved has pretty much locked down their matches, and now all we have to do is wait three more weeks for everything to unfold. One of the final pieces to fall into place on Raw finally shed some light on the tag team title picture.

After the events of the previous week, Braun Strowman has earned the right to challenge Sheamus and Cesaro of The Bar for a title match at 'Mania. After a week of deliberation, GM Kurt Angle is allowing the match to take place, with one caveat: Braun Strowman must find himself a partner to even out the odds.

Ever since the Elimination Chamber Sheamus and Cesaro declared that there was nothing left for them to do since they had beaten every team put in front of them. This resulted in a tag team battle royal taking place on Raw. After some back and forth between the competing teams, Braun Stroman entered himself into the fray, ultimately eliminating everyone and securing his ticket to the “Grandest Stage of Them All” next month.

Naturally, the tag team champs disagreed with the decision since Strowman wasn’t scheduled to take part in the battle royal, but instead bullied his way to a title shot. As good as the Raw tag team division has been recently, none of them have prepared Sheamus and Cesaro for someone as destructive and aggressive as Strowman. The inclusion of a partner next month may just be too much for The Bar to overcome.

Before this decision was made, Braun Strowman had no clear path to Wrestlemania 34. He failed to win the Elimination Chamber match last month for a shot at the Universal Championship, so the battle royal was probably his last chance. While there are no doubts that The Monster Among Men deserves to be at the biggest event of the year, doing it this way does come at the expense of other deserving competitors who don’t otherwise have the same opportunities. Whatever the case though, Strowman is determined to make an impact next month. So far, he is definitely doing just that.


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