Braun Strowman Says Blunt Goodbye To Two Stars Teasing WWE Exit

A WWE guy through and through, Braun Strowman doesn't have much patience for guys teasing their WWE exits on social media. Two just felt his wrath.

WWE Superstars talking about leaving WWE is nothing new. In fact, the practice has become somewhat old and tiresome. Yes, yes, we get it. You're not happy. Your contract is coming due and you either want to let the WWE Universe know you're leaving or trying to use your contract awareness as leverage to get another deal from WWE. One WWE Superstar isn't having it.

The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman recently signed a WWE contract extension. Of all the stars in the company, (perhaps with the exception of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) you won't see too many guys sticking up for their employer as often as Strowman does. So, when WWE Superstars Kalisto and Gran Metalik took to Twitter to says they were 10 months away from becoming free agents, Strowman had a response.

** In an update, it appears Kalisto has removed the tweet seen in the image below. 

10 months is a long time for Kalisto and Metalik to change their minds. Other stars like Gallows and Anderson or Maria and Mike Kanellis have used the technique to secure new deals. Strowman is apparently not a fan of that practice.

Saying #Adios, in no uncertain terms, Strowman suggested he wouldn't give a second thought to either leaving. If they aren't happy, just get out, is essentially what he's saying.

What This Means

Strowman has a point on two fronts. First, if Kalisto and Metalik think they are going to be missed by WWE, they are probably wrong. Their roles on WWE programming alone should give the indication the company isn't too concerned with how they are used. Even if they were to jump to AEW, would anyone care?

Second, Strowman understands what a lot of fans do. Stop using Twitter to air your grievances or hint that you're unhappy in WWE. It's not cool to do so anymore and as both Kalisto and Metalik are finding out, fellow superstars and fans won't often support you. In fact, they'll tell you how much they don't care by posting memes and gifs that no one will miss you.

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