Braun Strowman Has A Dream To Retire The Undertaker

WWE superstar Braun Strowman has already entrenched himself as one of the most dominant and powerful big men in recent memory, having defeated legends such as Kane and Big Show.

The Monster Among Men still has one more notable legendary big man that he has to face, and that would be The Undertaker. In an interview with Express UK, Strowman expressed his desire to not only face The Deadman, but to possibly retire him as well.

"Just the opportunity to share the ring with The Undertaker but maybe be the final hammer to nail the coffin shut at The Deadman, The Monster is up to the challenge," Strowman said. "I don’t know how many more retirement matches he can have. I can put him out to pasture like I did to Big Show."

The Undertaker is set to face Goldberg at the Super ShowDown on June 7, while Strowman will take on another dominant force in Bobby Lashley. It's anybody's guess how many more matches Undertaker will perform, but the fact he didn't even compete at WrestleMania 35 is a telling sign that he won't be doing it much longer.

A chance to go up against Undertaker would be something special and deserving for Strowman, alright. He feuded with Big Show and defeated The World's Largest Athlete in a steel cage match back in Sept. 2017.

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Strowman then began a rivalry with Kane near the end of 2017, defeating him in a Last Man Standing match. Big Show and Kane had no problem helping Strowman get over, but it's extremely rare for Undertaker to lose matches these days. That's why a match against The Monster Among Men would be nothing short of entertaining and dramatic.

Whether or not the match actually happens remains to be seen. Undertaker has already squared off against a large portion of today's top superstars, but a match against Strowman is something that the WWE Universe truly deserves. If Undertaker is willing to do it, hopefully the McMahon family obliges.

What This Means

If there's one superstar that deserves to retire The Undertaker, it's hard to find many that are more deserving than Strowman. He's done practically everything the company has asked of him, and Strowman has enjoyed a nice run as one of the most powerful men in the wrestling world. Hopefully, he will get that chance to face perhaps the greatest wrestler of all time.

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