The Tease For A Bray Wyatt vs Aleister Black Dream Match Has Begun

There's a list of opponents we can't wait for The Fiend to single out and hone in on, and Aleister Black is the number one name on that list.

SummerSlam had a fair few highlights. Seth Rollins becoming Universal Champion, and Charlotte Flair versus Trish Stratus just to name a couple. However, our favorite part of the whole show was The Fiend's in-ring debut. More specifically, Bray Wyatt's incredible entrance. The re-debut of The Eater Of Worlds felt like one of the biggest and best entrances in years.

The Fiend's first opponent was Finn Balor. Fitting, as it likely means Wyatt's alter ego will clash with Balor's Demon somewhere down the line. What we now want to know is who will keep Wyatt busy between now and The Demon's return. We don't want to see him much as that would ruin the aura, but we do want to see something more from The Fiend.

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If, like us, one of your top picks for a Fiend opponent is Aleister Black, then now is the time to get excited. The two of them have started interacting on Twitter, and it seems as if a dream match between the pair is imminent. The interaction began when Wyatt reacted to The Fiend's inclusion in WWE 2K20, requesting he be the cover star next year.

Black replied to Wyatt's tweet, writing "I’d like to .. talk.. to you about that.. I have this door see." We're assuming the Firefly Funhouse of Wyatt's persona is in charge of his Twitter based on the response. The former WWE Champion posted a screenshot of puppet Vince McMahon peering into the Funhouse with the caption "That’s crazy!!! I have a door too!!"

Black replied again with a GIF of himself laughing. The tweet reads "Oh I know." In 2019, it's impossible to know whether wrestlers interacting on Twitter is part of a WWE angle or something the participants are doing off their own backs. Whichever this interaction winds up being, it would be a real shame if these two never face off. The Fiend needs someone to distract him while he waits for The Demon, and Black fits the bill.

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