What The Time On Bray Wyatt's Funhouse Clock Might Mean

Bray Wyatt didn't attack Stone Cold on Raw but left a hint suggesting he will be coming after The Undertaker tonight on SmackDown.

Raw and SmackDown are both emanating from Madison Square Garden this week. Last night, the historic show was opened by Stone Cold. The Texas Rattlesnake oversaw the contract signing between Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins. He also delivered a Stunner to AJ Styles, much to the delight of the MSG crowd and also those of us watching at home.

Austin also closed the show, sharing a few beers with the winners of the night's main event. However, we didn't get to see exactly what we wanted, and also what had been hinted at more than once. An appearance from The Fiend during which Austin would wind up eating a Mandible Claw. The Hall of Famer got away scot-free.

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However, if you were watching closely, Bray Wyatt may well have revealed who The Fiend's next victim will be. During Raw's Firefly Funhouse segment, Wyatt was presented with a clock that was stuck on 3:16. After a few swift hits from his trusty hammer, Wyatt "fixed" the clock. The time on its display changed from 3:16 to 11:19. With that, we began to rack our brains to figure out what that might mean.

Firstly, we checked our calendars to see what day November 19 falls on this year. A Tuesday. Since SmackDown will have moved to Fridays by then, it can't be that. Thankfully, Comic Book has put us out of our misery. 11:19 is synonymous with another WWE Superstar. The Undertaker, who made his WWE debut all the way back on November 19, 1990. We're assuming that means The Fiend is coming for The Deadman.

Since The Undertaker will be on SmackDown tonight, we would bet a lot of money on The Fiend making an appearance. Attacking Taker would make a lot more sense than going after Austin. Wyatt and Taker have history. The surefire HOFer defeated The Eater of Worlds at WrestleMania 31. Four and a half years later, we may finally see the former WWE Champion get his win back. Perhaps The Fiend will even retire The Phenom at this year's Survivor Series.

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