Bray Wyatt Debuts Firefly Fun House Character On WWE Raw

After weeks of anticipation, Bray Wyatt finally re-debuted on Monday’s Raw and it wasn’t at all what people expected.

WWE had been teasing Wyatt’s return with vignettes that included a puppet buzzard coming out of a cardboard box and a female version of what looked like Sister Abigail. The videos were strange and got fans nervous that the company was going to do something that would damage the Eater of a Worlds return. What fans finally got on Raw either set them off or had them so intrigued that it was hard not to love it.

On Monday, the WWE Universe was introduced to the Firefly Funhouse.

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Wyatt is now as far opposite his former character as one WWE Superstar can get. A blend of Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets psychopath, Firefly Funhouse appears to be a weekly episodic children’s show that isn’t fit for children. Using his new puppets to try and entertain, the show will also include Wyatt referring to his old gimmick, using chainsaws and other weapons to rid the world of his evil and, at the same time, scaring the pants off any child who dares follow along.

Wyatt's new character was just one of many odd things to happen on Raw this week. From the Viking Experience being renamed the Viking Raiders and with Bobby Roode now being called Robert Roode, a character that includes a creepy moustache, lots happened.

What This Means

Social media went insane after the short video aired on Monday night. Many fans asked what the hell WWE was doing with others saying it was such a crazy idea, they kind of loved it. Whatever side fans fell on, what they’ll probably do is watch to see where it goes.

WWE must see something in this idea because they’re building it up and investing a lot into it. And, if one talent can get the idea over with the fans, it’s probably Bray Wyatt.

If it works, expect WWE to skyrocket Wyatt into a title scene.

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