Bray Wyatt's New Entrance Music Is Climbing Up The iTunes Chart

Bray Wyatt's new entrance theme, 'Let Me In' by Code Orange is performing incredibly well on the iTunes chart, and currently sits at number 18.

Bray Wyatt made quite the entrance at SummerSlam last weekend. There might well have been plenty of can't miss action between the ropes, but The Fiend's debut was our highlight of the night. Wyatt's brief appearances throughout the build during which he attacked various Superstars were terrific, but his entrance blew us away.

The lantern, the mask, the fireflies. What's not to love? Plus, we haven't even mentioned the best part. The music. Wyatt used his old entrance theme, but with a twist. Even though it was still performed by Code Orange, it sounded incredibly different. It was a lot more fitting of The Fiend's persona and tied the whole experience together. We can't wait until we hear it again live.

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Luckily, until then, we can relive the track by downloading it on iTunes. Seems as if we're not the only ones who have turned to Apple for that either. At the time of typing this, Let Me In by Code Orange is currently sitting at number 18 in the iTunes chart. It is currently outselling tracks by artists such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry.

It doesn't seem as if it has peaked yet either. When WWE first reported on Wyatt's theme registering highly in the charts on Thursday, the track was at number 26. It has climbed another eight places since then and who knows? By this time next week, Code Orange and The Fiend could be sitting on a number one hit. Slipknot's new album is currently number one around the world, so it would be pretty fitting considering who helped designed Wyatt's mask.

As for when we will here Let Me In again live, well, right now that is anyone's guess. Wyatt didn't make an appearance on Raw or SmackDown last week. In fact, his name wasn't even mentioned. That's not necessarily a bad thing. If The Fiend were to appear every single week, fans would quickly get bored of what is a fantastic new gimmick. We are all for not seeing Wyatt again until WWE has something meaningful for him to be a part of.

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