Bray Wyatt Pokes Fun At His Own WWE Shop T-Shirt Design

It's obvious WWE put a lot of time and effort into Bray Wyatt's new Firefly Fun House character. Unfortunately, it appears they didn't give the same attention to his new shirt design.

If you go to WWE Shop and look up merchandise for Wyatt's new character, you'll probably be disappointed. In what looks like the laziest design in the history of WWE, if you want to buy a shirt for Wyatt's new Firefly Fun House character you'll have to settle for a red shirt with a pasted graphic of the Fun House credits opening. The worst part is, it's the kind of design and little kid would be able to do with an old version of Microsoft Paint.

Maybe that's what WWE is going (something a "kid" can do) but Wyatt saw an opportunity to poke fun at the new line and did exactly that using his own social media account.

Wyatt wrote, "New shirt design" and posted a photo of a black shirt with no design on it. The suggestion was that his idea (no design at all) was better than the garbage WWE just offered to fans of the new character. The design spawned a ton of ideas on social media, all improvements and it shouldn't surprise anyone if WWE makes a quick change.

What This Means

When the WWE Universe collectively comes out and says to Wyatt, "Take my money" in respect to the black tee, WWE has to realize it messed up. While fans aren't really willing to pay WWE $20 for a black t-shirt, the company should get the point here.

This was a lazy effort that, if a joke, didn't land.

Wyatt isn't above poking fun at things and using his social media in postive ways. If WWE makes a change to the shirt design because of this viral response, that's a good thing for everyone.

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