Bray Wyatt Reaches Out to Jon Moxley on Social Media

It's hard to predict what Bray Wyatt will do next. On Tuesday, after the strangest version or FireFly Fun House yet, he reached out to, of all people, Jon Moxley.

The conversation started on Tuesday morning when Wyatt sent a social media message to the active members of the Shield, apologizing for his past transgressions against them. He said, "Dear and , I just wanted to let you know that I’m SUPER SORRY for all the atrocities I have committed against you guys over the years. If you ever need a 3rd for a Shield reunion, we are totally down! Best friends?"

Realizing he'd missed a member, he updated the conversation.

A fan sent out a survey in response to his tweet asking if fans were liking the new segment and tagged Jon Moxley. Wyatt then responded and said, "Ps. I miss you too @JonMoxley." Moxley, of course, is Dean Ambrose. Ambrose was another original member of the Shield but has since left WWE and is going to try something new beyond the walls of Vince McMahon's company.

Moxley hasn't tweeted anything since posting a video of his Moxley persona debut a few weeks ago. He's already missed in WWE by fans and, while he may not be the reason for declining ratings, his absence certainly doesn't help.

What This Means

Wyatt talking to Ambrose probably isn't a sign that something is brewing between the two. That said, should Ambrose (or Moxley) decide to come back to WWE, it sounds like Wyatt wouldn't be opposed to a feud between the two. Creatively, it would be a battle to watch, especially if both fought each other under the umbrella of their new personas.

For Wyatt, he's already got the attention of the WWE Universe. His character took a dark turn on last night's Raw and fans are anxious to see where he takes things next.

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