Bray Wyatt Teasing Return For WrestleMania 35 Weekend

In a recent Instagram post, Bray Wyatt showed himself working on his ranch and seemed to subtly comment about a return for WrestleMania 35.

Wyatt hasn't been on WWE programming for quite some time. Last seen as part of a tag team with Matt Hardy, Hardy is now back with WWE but working alongside his brother Jeff. The WWE Universe has eagerly been awaiting what comes next for Wyatt and while details are sketchy, the time and the place might finally be more clear.

In a recent Instagram post, Wyatt posted some photos on his Instagram of himself and JoJo on the "Wyatt Family Compound". He was riding an ATV along with a few of their mini-horses and he wrote:

"News from the horse's mouth, not someone [else's] ass. New and improved Wyatt Family Compound: preparing MY DAUGHTERS' mini horses for The Battle of New York. Life is good man. Especially when you know rebellion and redemption are around the corner. I'll see you when I see you. #RevengeIsAConfession #HookEmHorns"

Reference to New York and a rebellion right around the corner suggest that he may be in line to return at WrestleMania this year. With the show schedule to have as many as 17 matches and the pay-per-view more than seven hours in length, it makes sense WWE might choose the time and place. Alternatively, it come the night after WrestleMania on the most anticipated Raw of every season. That Raw is set to emanate from Brooklyn.

What This Means

Fans of Wyatt won't have to wait long to see him return. Will it be with a rumored character change? Could it somehow include Jojo as part of a new faction that he's leading? All of that remains a mystery but Wyatt was one of the most popular personalities in wrestling for some time, so as long as he doesn't return as Sister Abigail, few will probably care what he comes back to do, as long as he comes back.

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