Bray Wyatt's Twitter Apology Tour Arrives At The Door Of John Cena

Bray Wyatt has been offering up weird apologies to his former foes on Twitter. The latest recipient? John Cena.

We don't want to alarm you, but we are nearing the one year anniversary of the last time Bray Wyatt wrestled on WWE television. August 13, 2018, Wyatt and Matt Hardy lost a Tag Team Title match to The B Team. Wyatt did wrestle a match against Baron Corbin at Starrcade later in 2018, but it didn't make the final cut of the show.

On the bright side, Wyatt's return to live TV is incoming, or at least we hope it is. Since WrestleMania, the former WWE Champion has been messing around in his Firefly Funhouse. Two weeks ago, it was implied that Wyatt and the rest of the Funhouse cast escaped out into the world. The puppet cameos on Raw and SmackDown last week appear to have confirmed that.

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While Ramblin' Rabbit and the gang are busy popping up on WWE TV, Wyatt has been busy on Twitter. Last week, The Eater Of Worlds tweeted The Rock and recalled their time in the ring together at WrestleMania 32. This week, Wyatt's focus has shifted to John Cena. On Tuesday, he tweeted the 16 time World Champion and forgave him for the past.

"I can be a hero. I will be a hero. Because you need me to be. I forgive you John Cena," Wyatt wrote. That came after some typically confusing comments regarding Wyatt wanting to be brave and giving in to his desires. He and Cena certainly have a lot of history together. Most notably, when the pair of them clashed at WrestleMania XXX. Unfortunately, Wyatt lost on that occasion.

So far, Wyatt's Twitter apologies have been focused on names from his past that are unlikely to be a part of his future. Rock may never wrestle again, and Cena's in-ring career is winding down. What we really want to know is who his first opponent will be when he returns. Plus, whether we will reach the anniversary of his last TV match before he wrestles again. Only a little more than a month to go until that day arrives.

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