Bray Wyatt Working On Having Luke Harper Join Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt revealed on social media that he's working on getting a spot for Luke Harper on his Firefly Fun House show.

As fans are aware, Wyatt is back on WWE programming with a new character, new "kids" tv show called FireFly Fun House and a new direction that WWE seems to be heavily invested in. Meanwhile, Harper can't seem to catch any traction with the company.

He went public with his request to be released from his WWE contract, it was denied and the latest reports are that Harper has had 6 months added to his deal thanks to time he missed due to injury. Still, WWE has nothing for him. No ideas, no storylines, no characters. They simply don't want him to leave.

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A fan made a comment to Wyatt on Twitter that he needs to bring Harper in on his new gimmick. He wrote, " I know you’ve been a bad person in the past. Maybe it’s time for one of your other brothers to be a guest on the I believe you owe the children an explanation "

Surprisingly, Wyatt responded. Letting people in on possible new plans for the show and the direction of his character, Wyatt said, "I agree! I'm working on it."

What This Means

Depending on why you like the Firefly Fun House episodes, this may be good or bad news. The skits are so unique and different that fans can sense the refreshed vibe coming from the videos. Adding Harper back simply puts Wyatt with a familiar face and takes away some of the uniqueness of what he's been doing.

The other argument is that Wyatt and Harper work well together and Harper needs this. Since WWE seems to have nothing for him, perhaps Wyatt can give them an idea, find a good use for Harper and everyone wins.

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