Bret Hart Turns Down Invite for Raw Reunion Appearance

Wrestling legend Bret Hart has reportedly turned down an opportunity to join fellow Hall of Famers and some of yesteryear's biggest names as part of the upcoming Raw Reunion Special.

The event, which airs on Monday, will feature the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, among many others. It's must-see TV for any hardcore wrestling fan and WWE's doing us all quite the solid here.

According to Dave Meltzer, however, Hart will not be involved in the affair despite receiving an invite from the company (h/t Sescoops.com). Meltzer also notes that the former superstar did not give a reason for declining.

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Hart is not the only ex-WWE personality to turn down the offer, with All Elite Wrestling commentator Jim Ross and ROH's Bully Ray are also reported as having rebuffed the invitation to appear on Raw for one night.

Hart last appeared on WWE programming during this year's Hall of Fame ceremony, where he was attacked by a fan during his acceptance speech. He's since showed up at AEW's Double or Nothing to present the startup promotion's World Heavyweight Championship to fans.

Hart hasn't signed anything with WWE that prevents him from working AEW and he says he's willing to work with either company if they can figure out a fun way to use him.

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The 62-year-old Canadian has had a tricky relationship with WWE, having left the company back in the days of WWF to join WCW. The Montreal Screwjob, which is said to have been a work - although we might never know for sure - didn't help in that regard but the legend has smoothed things over with Vince McMahon.

Hart's turning down of WWE's invite should come across as a disappointment for fans, but he has his reasons. Given that he's still open to working with the company, this is all a bit strange. It could simply be because he has other commitments.

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