Brie Bella Announces Her Retirement From Wrestling On Total Bellas

Brie Bella appeared to totally blindside her sister Nikki after dropping the R-word on Sunday's episode of Total Bellas (h/t EOnline).

The WWE Diva announced that she will be retiring from wrestling after Evolution so she can focus on being a mother.

“I decided that after Evolution, I’m gonna be fully retired,” she declared. “Fully done."

Nikki either had no idea this was coming or made neat work of pretending to be surprised.


If Nikki was actually taken aback by this, it wouldn't be all, as Brie would also reveal that she and her husband Daniel Bryan, the current WWE champion, will be moving back to Phoenix and are already house hunting.

“Bryan and I are looking for a house in Phoenix,” she announced. “Cause we’re moving back!”

The couple had their first daughter Birdie Joe Danielson in 2017 but Brie isn't quitting just so she could devote more time to her daughter, she actually wants another baby.

“I know a couple months ago I told you I wasn’t ready for baby number two because I have a lot on my plate,” she said in a plea to Bryan. “But I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I think the comeback really made me realize that I am actually ready. And I do want Birdie and our next baby to be close in age.”

"I love WWE, but the one thing I learned is that I can't do everything. I just can't," she added. "I know deep down inside that I'm making the right decision, that the boots have to be hung, that I need to go back to Phoenix and just really put more concentration on the things that are in my future instead of what was in my past."

“Talk about dropping two huge bombs,” Nikki remarked after hearing her sister's plans to both retire and move. “I guess retirement I always thought would be something that Brie and I would talk about together. I just did not expect this big change after such an incredible comeback.”

What This Means

The WWE hasn't scheduled Evolution as yet but last year's PPV took place in October after being announced in July.

It would appear that Brie could be out of the business by the end of this year but that leaves her with plenty of time to change her mind.

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