WWE Confirms Liv Morgan Suffered Concussion From Brie Bella Kicks On Raw

It has been confirmed by WWE that Liv Morgan suffered a concussion following the two kicks to the face she took from Brie Bella on Raw this past Monday.

Most of us know that professional wrestling isn't "real", although we hate it when non-fans inform us of that in a patronizing fashion. However, even though what happens between the ropes in a pro wrestling ring is staged and pre-determined, it is still extremely dangerous. One wrong move and someone's life could be changed forever or their career ended.

One of those scary moments happened this past week on Raw. During a six-woman tag team match, Brie Bella accidentally hit Liv Morgan in the face while performing the Yes Kicks that her husband, Daniel Bryan made famous. The Bella Twin kicked her Riott Squad opponent square in the face not once, but twice, after which Morgan slumped to the mat.


After trying and failing to continue the match, Morgan eventually had to return to the locker room for medical treatment. It turns out, as reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet after it was confirmed by WWE, that the kicks caused Morgan to suffer a concussion, something that is taken very seriously across all sport in the present day. It was a scary moment for all involved and fans watching on, but the former NXT Superstar will recover.

Bella has had a few slip-ups since she returned to WWE full-time a few weeks ago and this latest one has left the internet wrestling community split. Some fans believe that this is the last straw. That the former Divas' Champion has been away for so long that she has lost her step. Others attribute it to ring rust and that accidents happen in the ring all the time, citing that she will return to her best with more practice.

What side of the Brie Bella argument do you fall on? Is two and a half years out of the ring too long an absence and she simply doesn't have it anymore, or will she soon shake off these mistakes and the last few weeks will merely be a distant memory? No matter what we think, the ultimate decision is down to WWE and Bella herself. Accidents do happen in the ring and if Bella feels that it's just ring rust that she is in the process of shaking off then she will power through until she's back to her best.


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