Brock Lesnar Leaves WrestleMania Early, Done For Foreseeable Future

It appears as though Brock Lesnar won't be back in WWE for the foreseeable future. He's not advertised for future Raw's and left WrestleMania early.

Lesnar's match with Seth Rollins — one in which he lost the Universal Championship — was apparently changed last minute. It was not set to open the show and word is Hulk Hogan had no idea Paul Heyman was going to come out during his segment. It appears part of the reasoning behind the change was to set the tone early for the match and give buzz to the idea that Seth Rollins was the new champion and the man to start defending the Universal Title on a more regular basis on WWE programming. Part of the reasoning behind the change is also that Brock Lesnar may be leaving WWE.

Following WrestleMania 35 on Sunday night, Lesnar is not advertised for any future WWE dates, including tonight's RAW in Brooklyn, NY. Lesnar has re-signed with WWE several times since returning to the company in 2012 but his most recent deal, which he signed last November, is believed to have expired on Sunday.

There is also speculation that Lesnar is once again talking with UFC about a return (as was referenced by Heyman in his promo before the match began) and confirmed by ESPN's SportsCenter last week. That fight is set to be with UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier. While there is speculation WWE is considering another deal with Lesnar, there is also word they may choose to let him do the UFC thing.

F4Wonline reported that Lesnar flew home almost immediately following his match and is not scheduled to be on RAW tonight.

What This Means

It is possible Lesnar and WWE can and will work out another deal. But, it appears WWE has finally moved their focus to someone else as champion and that someone is Rollins. If Lesnar does return, it might be for a one-time appearance at the next Saudi Arabia show. The payday is always good for those shows and Lesnar is a fan of a big payday.

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