Brock Lesnar Yet To Be Confirmed For SummerSlam & Other Future Events

Brock Lesnar hasn't appeared on WWE since he lost the Universal Championship to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35, but he has been confirmed for an appearance at next month's Super Show-Down event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

After that, however, it's anybody's guess when we'll see Lesnar again. According to Brad Shepard, Lesnar is likely to perform at SummerSlam - but that hasn't been confirmed. So far, there are no other official dates for Lesnar after the show in Saudi Arabia.

Lesnar informed Dana White that he is retiring from the UFC, and Shepard recently reported that the Beast Incarnate told Vince McMahon that he'd like to retire after WrestleMania 36 in Tampa Bay net year.

This has been quite a turn of events for Lesnar, who carried the Universal Championship for most of the past two calendar years. He was widely expected to challenge Daniel Cormier for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, but contract talks fell through with White - and the 41-year-old Lesnar simply decided to end his brief yet legendary MMA career.

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Though he only wrestles on a part-time basis, Lesnar is one of the highest paid superstars in all of WWE. Vince McMahon has been happy to give him a main event push while meeting Lesnar's money demands. But as of now, it looks like the clock is ticking on a stellar career for Lesnar in sports entertainment, and it's a telling sign that he's not lined up for anything after the event in Saudi Arabia.

Lesnar remains in prime shape, and money obviously has to appeal to him - with Vince offering him millions on an annual basis just for a few matches. Perhaps we'll find out more in the near future why he's leaning towards retirement, but for now, the focus is on his next match in June.

What This Means

We can probably expect Lesnar to compete at SummerSlam anyway, even if he hasn't been confirmed yet. WWE has made it a priority to have him appear at all of the major pay-per-views, and it'd be a major surprise if Lesnar didn't end up competing here.

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