Braun Strowman Discusses The Time Brock Lesnar Punched Him In The Head

Braun Strowman recently gave a little insight into what happened between him and Brock Lesnar after The Beast punched him in the head during a match.

Wrestlers and wrestling fans hate nothing more than the industry they love being referred to as "fake". Predetermined, staged, or even choreographed have elements of truth to them, but one thing professional wrestling definitely is not is fake. The business is extremely tough-going on competitors' bodies, and they often get hurt for real.

Usually, when that happens it is a complete accident. Owen Hart's piledriver to Stone Cold. Seth Rollins relocating John Cena's nose. Both very different injuries, but also very real ones that happened completely by accident. However, there are occasions when wrestlers hurt each other on purpose or at least try to. We saw evidence of that during a match at the 2018 Royal Rumble.

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During a triple threat match for the Universal Title, Braun Strowman accidentally caught Brock Lesnar in the head with a very stiff looking knee shot. Lesnar responded by purposefully delivering a very real punch to the side of Strowman's head. What with The Beast's MMA prowess, we'd imagine that must have hurt quite a bit. It also angered the fans considering the damage Lesnar could have done.

More than 18 months later, Strowman has finally shed a little light on what happened backstage after the match. "It is what it is. We got to the back and I said ‘Hey, my bad,' he said the same thing and we went about our business," Strowman told talkSPORT. The Monster Among Men even revealed that the pair laughed about it after the fact. "Brock brings the big fight and that’s why people pay money to see him," Strowman added.

WWE's Resident Monster also stated that he enjoys working with Lesnar and that when he goes to war with him, he readies himself as if it were a real fight. We assumed that Strowman was going to be the one to dethrone Lesnar and that he would have been Universal Champion by now. That hasn't happened, but it does seem as if he is back among the elite once more after helping out Rollins last week.

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