Brock Lesnar Gives A Rare Glimpse Into His Relationship With Sable Via Hilarious Story

Many wrestlers keep their relationships behind closed doors, but none more so than Brock Lesnar and Sable.

Most people will tell you that dating at work is a mistake. While that can be the start of a beautiful relationship for some people, in most cases, that relationship will end and you're stuck having to see each other all day, every day. The trouble is, for wrestlers, they don't get much time to meet people who aren't in the business, hence the number of couples in the industry.

How open wrestlers choose to be about their relationships is something else entirely. Some try their level best to keep it under wraps. That makes a lot of sense for couples in WWE as Vince McMahon tends to use them in angles once he finds that out. Look no further than Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins for evidence of that happening right now.

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The wrestling couple that fans know the least about is Brock Lesnar and Sable. Every time we are reminded that the two of them are together it blows our mind a little. Due to them working for WWE during different eras and now living in the middle of nowhere, not many people have even seen the two together. However, during an interview on ESPN's Highly Questionable, Lesnar gave us a rare peek into his and Sable's relationship.

The Beast Incarnate was asked what the most romantic thing he has ever done for Sable is. Lesnar decided to take a different path when giving his answer. Instead, he told a story about when he tricked Sable into thinking their one-year-old had swallowed her wedding ring. The prank resulted in Mrs. Lesnar needlessly rifling through dirty nappies in an attempt to find the "lost" ring.

Shockingly, the above story did actually lead to a romantic moment between the two of them. Two days after the prank came to an end, Lesnar and Sable renewed their wedding vows to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. That's when the Universal Champion gave his wife a brand new wedding ring. We imagine that Sable has kept a close eye on it so that she doesn't fall for the same trick again.

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