Brock Lesnar To Have Closed-Door Meeting With WWE Before SummerSlam

Speculation is WWE and Brock Lesnar have a closed-door meeting scheduled just prior to the SummerSlam pay-per-view which could determine his future.

Most insiders believe Lesnar will be leaving WWE and heading to UFC. As a result, he'll drop the Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam this Sunday. There are some who think his departure back to the MMA world is merely temporary and that he's jockeying for another WWE contract but for the first time in a long time, it looks like Lesnar and WWE may have decided to part ways.

That said, there could be one last moment where the two sides come together and work out a mutually beneficial agreement.

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Joe Peisich from Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast said Lesnar is currently scheduled to have a meeting with WWE executives before SummerSlam which could mean a big change in his and WWE's future. If the meeting is to make another contract pitch and negotiate a new deal, perhaps Lesnar is not going to lose the title. If the meeting is set to confirm the finish of the match and Lesnar is, in fact, leaving, WWE might just want to ensure things go as planned.

Peisich said, “Apparently Sunday around 4 o’clock, Brock Lesnar will have a closed-door meeting with the head honchos, maybe Stephanie, Triple H, Vince, or whatever. I don’t know what that meeting’s about. But, if he retains the title you can expect Brock Lesnar will be working for both WWE and UFC.” Peisich claims this meeting was told to him by three separate sources.

Speculation about what will happen with both Reigns and Lesnar moving forward have occupied most of the talk about SummerSlam. It will be interesting to see if the two sides are now ready to work out a deal that benefits both sides. Lesnar's absence from WWE programming has arguably hurt the title and if he's going to keep it, it is assumed WWE will want him around more which could be tricky if he's training for a UFC fight.


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