Why Brock Lesnar Is Potentially Making The Wrong Decision Going to UFC

There is speculation abound that Brock Lesnar is heading back to UFC and his time in WWE may be coming to a close. WrestleMania's main event was rumored to be in jeopardy and while the match will happen, there are now rumors WWE is thinking about removing it as the main event and sending it down the card so as not to heavily promote Lensar as WWE's main attraction. In fact, if Lesnar is leaving, Roman Reigns is a likely shoe-in to win the Universal Championship.

There is a chance Lesnar may be using UFC as leverage for another big-money contract from WWE — he's done so before. But, most insiders seem to think this move is real this time. He was seen posing with UFC President Dana White, White has publicly declared he believes Lesnar will return and Lesnar seems like he already has one foot out the door in WWE.

For UFC, Lesnar would be an attraction. And, whether fight fans want to admit it or not, MMA has become more about the attraction in recent years. For UFC, this deal would have nothing but upside. For Lesnar, he has a lot to lose.

Below are just a few reasons Lesnar would be making mistake by heading to UFC instead of staying with WWE.

WWE Loves Lesnar

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Fans still have an appetite for the Beast Incarnate but not the way WWE does. Despite a drop in popularity, WWE has continued to make Lesnar look like a monster and even though he shows up irregularly, WWE treats him like the king of the mountain. This would continue if he re-signed with WWE, especially for the first year.

If Lesnar negotiated himself another big part-time contract, WWE would reward him with another huge run. He'd likely stay WWE Universal Champion, get a feud with someone like Braun Strowman or Daniel Bryan and WWE would ensure he looked unstoppable. If he decides to leave, you can guarantee WWE will try to make him look weak as he departs.

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He Could Lose in UFC

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One of the things few people are bringing up is the fact that if Lesnar leaves WWE for UFC, he actually has to fight. If he has to fight, he could lose and if he loses, that could be it for his octagon career.

UFC is an unforgiving sport. Winners do well and losers do not and once deemed a loser, it's hard to rebound. Look at players like CM Punk and Ronda Rousey. Punk lost his first fight and he almost didn't get a second one. Rousey was the most dominant female MMA competitor ever and after two losses was considered washed up.

Lesnar can't afford a loss and should he lose decisively, there is a very good chance WWE won't want him back either.

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The Money

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In all honesty, who knows what the money situation is, but one has to believe short-term, Lesnar stands to make more going UFC. Is that the case long-term?

WWE has been paying Lesnar handsomely for doing very little work. Whatever contract he signs would be at least a couple years long, whereas one would have to think the best he could with UFC is a one-fight, maybe a two-fight deal. As he ages, WWE may choose to extend him if he wants to stick around. As he ages in UFC, he becomes far less bankable.

Most fans know that Lesnar isn't really in WWE because he loves wrestling. He's in it because he's an attraction, there is good money and he's good at it. If WWE didn't pay, he wouldn't stay and he's likely prepared to spend the rest of his life at his multi-acre property, hunting and fishing and staying away from people. But, should he want a longer-term job with WWE and he leaves for UFC, that offer is probably off the table.

No Risk Of Banned Substances

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Let's not forget that Lesnar fought Mark Hunt in UFC, won and then was immediately suspended and fined for using banned substances. It wasn't pretty and WWE simply ignored that fact when they continued to push him. They won't ignore it twice.

If Lesnar stays WWE, there really isn't a reason to feel the need to take any substances that could jeopardize his long-term success. If he gets caught using again in MMA, he'll be done. If he gets caught using again at all, he's probably done in the sports and entertainment industry period.

It might just be our opinion, but this seems like a silly risk to take.

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