Brooke Hogan Opens Up About Possible Hulk Hogan WWE Return

It's been nearly three years since the WWE fired the legendary Hulk Hogan, but the rumors and reports of him returning to the company continue to swirl around the wrestling world.

Hogan was fired in July, 2015, after tapes of him using racial slurs were leaked to the public. Besides terminating his contract, WWE also removed all Hogan mentions and merchandise from their website.

Even though WWE has tried to stay as far away from mentioning Hogan as possible, it seems inevitable that he may come back to work for them some day, if recent rumors are an indication of anything.

Brooke Hogan an interview with TV Insider and opened up about the possibility of her father coming back to WWE. She talked about the strong yet complicated relationship between Hogan and Vince McMahon had, believing that it could pave way for his eventual return.

"I know that he will always have a relationship with Vince, no matter what has happened publicly. They have had a friendship and business relationship for so long. I think that time heals all," she said. "That is what I keep telling him and everybody who asks. With a certain amount of time, people can't be crucified for what they've done wrong."

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Brooke also talked about how wrong it is to judge Hulk "on the one thing he did wrong and not on all the things he did right." She also emphasized that he was a "huge role model for kids," and holds out hope that WWE will remember that.

"I told my dad that times heals all and slowly all those things will go down to the bottom and the cream will rise to the top, Brooke said. "Hopefully, WWE will recognize he was the name the company was mostly built around. He was had that company on his back and the reputation and really did a lot of good for WWE. I hope they don't discount that."

Hulk has apologized many times for his racial rant, but it remains to be seen if WWE is ready to make amends. In March, PWInsider.com shared a statement from WWE, who said they were talking to Hogan "about how he can help others learn from his mistakes," though he isn't under contract.

If Brooke is right about time healing everything, WWE will eventually bring back the man who helped the wrestling industry grow to new heights in the '80s.


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