[Rumor] WWE Superstar Getting Big Push As A Result Of A Happy Accident

According to a report, Buddy Murphy might just be one of the luckiest men in WWE right now as he’s getting a push because of a happy accident.

It sounds almost too good to be true but, if the speculation is true, Murphy was never supposed to be in the scene where Roman Reigns got nearly taken out by a set of backstage road cases and trussing. According to Brad Shepard, Murphy was caught on camera in the background of that scene and, as a result, he’s getting a look from WWE bookers when he wasn’t slotted to get one before.

Shepard reported on Twitter that Murphy is being viewed backstage as the next possible Kofi Kingston in that he’s in line for a push simply because he was in the right place at the right time. The angle that saw Reigns have a secret attacker wasn’t to include Murphy but because the camera caught him walking away and WWE gave him a match with Reigns as a result, Murphy opened eyes with his in-ring performance. That he's an underdog helps as the fans and WWE always love a good underdog story.

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Word now is that he has people’s attention and they are making plans for him, even if WWE officials aren’t certain what that immediate future is.

What This Means

I’m not sure how much stock I’d put into the story that Murphy being in that shot was an accident. That seems unlikely considering the time and production that would have gone into that segment and the unlikelihood that it was filmed live. One would think that if he wasn't supposed to be there, Murphy would have actually have been punished for ruining an expensive stunt.

That said, his match with Reigns may have shocked more than a few people and because of it, he’s getting a longer look.

This is great news for Murphy who wasn’t being used on the main roster. He was billed as the “best kept secret” and now it seems like that secret is out.

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