Buddy Murphy Wants His SmackDown Debut To Be Against Roman Reigns

Buddy Murphy felt Roman Reigns' wrath on SmackDown this week, and now the Aussie wants his revenge on The Big Dog.

One of the main angles unfolding on WWE television for the past two weeks has been the mystery behind who has been attacking Roman Reigns. Despite it not building to a match at SummerSlam, the saga has been getting more coverage than pretty much everything else. However, on Tuesday, it seems as if we found out who has been making Reigns' life a living hell.

Reigns singled out Buddy Murphy since the Aussie was the only other person on the scene during the first attack. When the former Cruiserweight Champion wouldn't give up any info, Reigns snapped. The Big Dog began throwing Murphy around the locker room, demanding he give him answers. Eventually, Murphy gave up a name. Rowan.

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It wasn't made clear whether Rowan is the attacker or if he was just nearby like Murphy. Either way, WWE's Best Kept Secret is not happy about what went down on SmackDown. Reigns did make him look pretty foolish, and now Murphy wants revenge. The former 205 Live star has taken to Twitter and issued a challenge to Reigns, so we're assuming that the two will clash on SmackDown this coming Tuesday.

Being thrown around a locker room like a rag doll by Reigns might well be the big break Murphy needs. We were very excited when WWE moved him to SmackDown earlier this year, but since then, he hasn't wrestled a single match. At least not on television. A singles bout with a former WWE Champion would be quite the SmmackDown debut should Murphy get his wish on Tuesday night.

As for the whodunnit storyline, as it stands, we have an answer to that. It isn't a complete one though, and there might even be a swerve in the works. Even if Rowan does turn out to be the culprit, we'd hazard a guess that he has been acting on behalf of Daniel Bryan. We're just pleased the angle wasn't rushed for the sake of a SummerSlam match, and we look forward to seeing it develop over the coming weeks.

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