Buddy Murphy Wants Another Big Match After His Epic With Roman Reigns

Buddy Murphy showed us all what he can bring to the ring last week versus Roman Reigns. Now he wants to do it all again against Daniel Bryan.

Earlier this year, Buddy Murphy was plucked from 205 Live and inserted into the SmackDown roster. It was one of a number of switches that felt mildly like panicked moves by Vince McMahon. The fact that Murphy didn't wrestle on SmackDown at all until last week just goes to show that not much thought was put into the roster move.

The most annoying thing about that was fans who have followed Murphy's career know exactly how talented he is. We were just hoping he would be given a chance to show that, and he got a big chance last week. Murphy went one on one with Roman Reigns in his first-ever blue brand match. A huge opportunity and both men tore the house down.

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It seems as if WWE's Best Kept Secret has caught the attention of those that he needed to. This weekend, Murphy took to Twitter and issued a challenge to Daniel Bryan. A Twitter challenge was the last piece of the puzzle that led to his match with Reigns becoming a reality. That's why it seems extremely likely that we will get Bryan versus Murphy on SmackDown this Tuesday.

Murphy isn't getting big-time matches thanks to Twitter alone, of course. WWE planted the former Cruiserweight Champion in the background of the first attack on Reigns. That's how Murphy has found himself tangled up in this whole mess. Reigns attacked him which led to a match. Last week, Bryan and Rowan attacked Murphy, and now another match awaits this Tuesday, we hope.

While we're not fans of those who believe wins and losses don't matter, right now, that is true for Murphy. The Aussie has gone from having no place on the show to sharing the ring and an angle with two former WWE Champions. As long as his potential match with Bryan is as good as his clash with Reigns, which we're sure it will be, Murphy's stock will continue to rise in the eyes of those who matter.

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