Bully Ray Suggests "The Final TLC" Match At SummerSlam 2020

After watching Edge deliver a Spear to Elias at SummerSlam, Bully Ray's "wheels started turning."

SummerSlam was a pretty jam-packed show this year. So jam-packed that some of its key moments weren't even mentioned on Raw. The Fiend's dominance over Finn Balor, for example. Plus, the surprise appearance of Edge. The Rated R Superstar popped up unannounced during the kickoff show and delivered a Spear to Elias, halting The Drifter's musical exploits in their tracks.

Edge's quick appearance got fans excited for a number of reasons. First of all, it's always great to see Edge. Second of all, as far as we know, that's the first Spear Edge has delivered on TV since he retired. The 11-time World Champion will have known as soon as he decided to be a part of the angle that directly after, fans would question whether he would be making an in-ring return.

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As far as we know, Edge's injuries and surgeries mean that still can't happen. That didn't stop his old rival and good friend Bully Ray from having a little fun with it, though. During a Twitter Q&A after the show, Bully admitted that seeing Edge Spear Elias out of his boots got his wheels turning. The Hall Of Famer then suggested "The Final TLC."

"SummerSlam 2020...20yrs later... The Final TLC," Bully Ray wrote on Twitter. We're assuming he's joking, but the multiple-time Tag Team Champion did tag WWE in the tweet. As much as we would love to see all six men who performed in the first TLC do it all one more time, we can't imagine they would be up for it. Plus, as we said above, we are still of the assumption that Edge is very much retired.

That doesn't mean WWE can't have a big TLC match at SummerSlam 2020 to celebrate the iconic match's 20th anniversary. It would also be cool if all six men who competed in the first were in attendance, or featured during the build to that match. A retrospective with them on the WWE Network would also be a terrific idea. Just a few ideas WWE, we hope you celebrate the milestone in style, whatever happens.

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