Bully Ray Criticizes The Revival’s Tribute To The Late Jim Neidhart

The Revival paid tribute to the late Jim Neidhart on Raw this past Monday but Bully Ray wasn't a fan of how they went about it.

It really hasn't been a great couple of weeks for the professional wrestling business. First, we lost Brian Christopher, Nikolai Volkoff, and Brickhouse Brown all in the same day, then this past weekend Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart passed away. A Hall Of Fame worthy talent and his passing means that the only remaining member of The Hart Foundation left alive is Bret Hart.

Naturally, tributes have been pouring in ever since news broke of Neidhart's passing. Fans and wrestlers alike calling for Anvil and the rest of The Hart Foundation to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, pointing out his importance in the business, and also attempting to comfort his daughter Natalya as well as the rest of the Hart family. In fact, Nattie's close friend Ronda Rousey opened Raw on Monday by doing exactly that.


The Rowdy one wasn't the only one to pay tribute to Neidhart on Raw this week. The Revival did so too, not with their words but with their actions. Dash and Dawson competed for the Raw Tag Team Titles on Monday night, and used The Hart Foundation's Hart Attack while doing so. Someone who knows a thing or two about tag teams, Bully Ray actually sort of predicted the move being used.

Before the match, Dudley tweeted that whoever wins the match better do so by using the Hart Attack. Well, as mentioned above, the move did take place, but it didn't end the match. The Hall Of Famer was not impressed with that part, writing on Twitter "they used one of the best tag team finishes of all time as a mid-match 'spot' ... WTF?!?" The Revival has responded to Bully Ray and, unsurprisingly, they don't agree with his criticism.

Where do you stand on Dash and Dawson's use of the Hart Foundation's iconic finisher? It is certainly touching that the two of them chose to pay homage to the late Jim Neidhart by using it, but there's no denying it would have meant more had it brought the curtain down on the match. Perhaps the pairing will use it again at SummerSlam on Sunday and win the Raw Tag Team Titles with the move.


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